Question: Who can buy Puff?

Answer: Puff eCigs® electronic cigarettes can be purchased by anyone of legal smoking age in the state where they reside.

Question: Why do some of your products contain propylene glycol?

Answer: We are constantly evaluating ways to improve our flavors. Propylene glycol, when combined with glycerin, enhances flavor delivery in some of our flavors. Propylene glycol is commonly used in electronic cigarettes as a base carrier and to help blend flavor ingredients. When combined with glycerin, it also enhances flavor delivery and aerosol density, and generally improves the overall product quality and vaping experience. Propylene glycol has been used safely for more than 50 years in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical consumer products. Propylene glycol is recognized by the FDA as being Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS), and numerous other governmental authorities have also concluded that it has very low toxicity and is acceptable for human use. Propylene Glycol and Allergic Reactions: There might be very individualized personal conditions that result in a highly sensitive reaction to any kind of chemical substance. We list propylene glycol as an ingredient on our product labels and only use pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol, which has a very high purity. Pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol has been used for decades in a wide variety of pharmaceutical and medical devices, hospital and consumer products. Over this long period of time and large variety of products, there have been no issues associated with its safe use. For example, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has published a risk assessment of propylene glycol, indicating no reason for concerns for human health, and the EPA in 2007 reviewed the available toxicity information, concluding that there are no endpoints of concern for oral, dermal or inhalation exposure to propylene glycol.