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Weeper Water Bubbler Vaporizer Kit

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Product Description

Weeper Water Bubbler Vaporizer Kit

Ooze Weeper Water Bubbler Vaporizer Kit features a water bubbler made with percolator for smoother hits and a splash guard dual-titanium-wickless coil for a better burn. Titanium dual coils burn your concentrates at ideal temperatures for a hit that is comparable to a dab rig. It was made to protect you precious glass piece. Keep it cleaner and get the perfect airflow with the Ooze splash guard coil.

Package Features:

1-Weeper Attachment

1-Ooze 650 battery

2-Splash Guard Coils Dual-Titanium-Wickless

1-Carrying Case

1-Silicone Container

1-Dabber Tool

1-USB Charger

Additional Information

Weight 7.3 oz